Monday can wait

Last week I wrote about the workshop I attended where we made some art journals. My friend and I have been talking about it, how much we enjoyed it, and that we want to make more. It’s a fairly easy process, and we just loved how they turned out.

So off we went to one of my favorite local quilt shops – High Prairie Quilts. batiks minThey always have a wonderful selection of batik fabrics, which we learned are best for using on the journal covers. While I certainly didn’t *need* any more fabric (have you seen my fabric stash?), I did find some lovelies that called to me. So I answered.

You’ve probably noticed by now that I love color. All colors. They evoke feeling and emotion. They inspire me, they call to me, they make me want to create. So that is what I am going to do today. It may be Monday, and it may be a regular work day, but today I have decided to spend some time working on an art project or two. The regular business can just wait an extra day.

Immerse yourself in color and go create!


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Mixed Media Adventures

Over the weekend I took a 2 day art course called Mixed Media Adventures, taught by Carol Ann Waugh and Judith Cassel-Mamet

start of journals 2They tout that they “embrace a playful attitude and offer no-fail techniques.” Yes, they delivered. There were loads of supplies to play with: ink, paint, gesso, glue, fabric, yarn, paper, cardboard, doilies, buttons, ribbon, puffy foam, gel plates, cheesecloth, envelopes and so much more.



It was such a pleasure to step out of my comfort zone in such a safe environment. I’m used to working with fabrics and threads, yarn and fiber, but paints and inks and paper? Not so much. We each made either two or three art journals. We all used the same journals 2techniques and had access to the same materials, but the results were all beautifully different. Perfectly imperfect. That’s part of what’s so special about art. Each piece is as individual as the person making it.

Although I am quite tired today (too much peopling!), I am also quite relaxed, and quite refreshed. As with any new and creative experience, it helps me to reflect on art. Making art. Enjoying art. I reflect and plan new projects, and think about what I would do different on the pieces I just finished. There truly was no right way or wrong way in our projects, it was about the journey.



Spend some time and art. Make something. Don’t be afraid to try something. Be perfectly imperfect. It’s about the journey, not the journal inside 2destination. Go create, my friends!


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When I am asked to do a custom piece, sometimes they go together quickly, sometimes it takes a while. It seems cliché to say, but I really do wait for the inspiration to come. It may flow quietly, slowly, gently, or occasionally it comes through with such force and power that I have to answer it. Others are a happy medium and come at a pace that is easy to work with, and just moves a long a bit at a time.Grit

I usually take some time to process what the piece is to be, and I try to get a feeling for the colors it wants to be, and also what kind of elements and embellishments I will incorporate into it. There are so many techniques that I work with it can be a challenge to narrow it down and find the right one. Finishing the piece also takes some serious consideration. I can make it into a wall hanging with a traditional quilt finish, or I can have it framed. If I’m framing it, I still have to decide how to finish the edges. Should it be a raw edge, an embellished finish, or something new, and whether that edge will be seen as part of the piece, or hidden behind the frame.

On this piece, I pondered for quite a while what I wanted to do. It sat in the back of my mind for a while just brewing, percolating. First the color scheme came. In fact, I used the first piece of fabric I pulled out. When I read the symbolism of dragonflies, and blue dragonflies in particular I knew I had it. I never even looked at a second piece of fabric. After that the rest flowed smooth and easy. This piece didn’t want a lot of extra embellishment, and it didn’t want to be framed. It wanted simplicity.

It takes a lot of thought to choose your word of the year, and when I create a piece for you with that word (or phrase), I really try to imbue it with my own energy and positivity for you. I hope you enjoy this most recent creation.


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Arting in Arizona

I spent several days this past week “arting” in an around the Phoenix/Scottsdale area. In some ways it wasn’t what I expected. Did you see the weather down there? Have you ever seen a snow covered saguaro cactus? Well I have now. They broke several Az weather records while I was there. That was unexpected. I thought I was getting away from the cold for a few days. We made the best of it, and it was still a wonderful and fun experience.

We enjoyed our visit to the Mesa Art Center where we met Beth Benowich, who suggested we go to two more places. The ring 1 25Celebration of Fine Art, and the Arizona Fine Art Expo. Both places were fabulous places to explore art. Both were in huge tents, which was quite a challenge with the rain. It rained so hard that sometimes it was hard to carry on a conversation because it was so loud. It was also cold. At the Arizona Fine Art Art Expo they had blankets and wraps at the entrance that you could borrow to stay warm. It was here that I bought my new favorite ring from Shell-Bell Designs, and a sculpture that we will hang on the back patio from Axton-Giddings.

Next up was the Fountain Hills Great Fair. fountain hills 1 25This was my third trip here, and although some of my favorite artists weren’t there (I’m guessing the down pour all day on Friday chased them away), there was still plenty to see, including two of my favorites from Colorado: Dukart Bells and Distinctively Handwoven by Luaretta Davidson. Some of my favorite art of the festival was made from recycled/repurposed items including some adorable earrings that I bought, and a lizard (which I didn’t buy, but I’m still thinking about) from Nipper Metal Art.

Whatever you love, whatever brings a smile to your face and joy to your heart is worthy of being. If you make art, good for you, keep making it. If you buy art, good for you, keep collecting. I encourage you to support the arts. It’s part of what makes this world beautiful.


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The Power of Support

In today’s world of constantly striving for self awareness and self improvement I am sure you’ve heard that surrounding yourself with good people will elevate you. It does. I belong to a wonderful mastermind group, and I have accountability partners, all of whom I love, trust, and respect. And yes, I have more than one accountability partner. It is wonderful to have a support system like that in place, and they’ve all been invaluable in my growth, both professionally and personally.Believe 50

With my Mastermind group we all bring our business challenges to the meeting to discuss. Yes, it does require allowing yourself to be vulnerable, but that is why it’s important to only have people you trust in the group. But more than just bringing challenges, you can bring ideas. I’ve recently had an idea for another business (stay tuned for more on that!), and I was able to talk about it, and get some great input and feedback, and add some flesh to those bare idea bones. It’s a wonderful platform to expand yourself, and a safe environment to brainstorm. No one laughs at your ideas, and everyone wants you to succeed.

The same with accountability partners. You may be a little leery of this. It can be so uncomfortable, even intimidating to have someone hold you accountable. Are you having flashbacks to your school days? Are you relating that to an overbearing employer who always wants to know what you’re doing, how you’re doing it and when it’ll be finished? It doesn’t have to be like that. If you have ideas that don’t tend to go anywhere because you’re too tired, too busy, or just plain don’t know how to get started, then an accountability partner is just what you need. An accountability partner is someone that will help you set up your action steps, making them both reasonable and doable and provide the encouragement you need to accomplish them. You will end up holding yourself way more accountable than your partner will. Sometimes it’s about sharing what you’re doing and having other people believe in you and what you’re doing. It can be a lot like doing a vision board. Set your sights on something, put your cheerleaders in place, and then go get it. Go create my friends. Make something happen!


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